5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Imax

5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Imax

  • November 19, 2019

1.Imax began as an experimental film organization.

Many people are unaware of this. Imax began at Montreal Expo’67, where two renowned filmmakers Graeme Ferguson and Roman Kroitor, were doing some experiments with multiscreen and multi-projector film systems. The idea behind their research was to project different images on the face of separate screens to enable them to create some huge mosaic photos that would be in motion and hence push boundaries. This experiment led to these two great filmmakers teaming up with Imax pioneer founders Robert Kerr and Bill Shaw, and they were able to launch a company known as the Multi-Screen. The aim of starting this company was to tame this technology. This company later shifted its primary focus to single large-screen images, and this became Imax.


2.Something else you probably didn’t know is that Imax is an abbreviation for “image maximum.” So one should not overthink about the meaning of the name Imax at all.


3.Imax Cameras Are Hard To Shoot With.

This is entirely true because a lot of formatting is needed. A large-format normally means that there will be more challenges when trying to shoot. Imax cameras are usually louder, heavier, and simply more difficult to shoot compared to other models of cameras. For instance, the actual size of the film stock explains that the camera can only hold just three minutes at one go. After that, the filmmakers will then be compelled to spend a couple of minutes reloading the reels.

These kinds of challenges are the reason for even the most high profile. Imax movies tend only to utilize the Imax cameras for a few selected scenes.


4. The incredible method of Imax films is fed through cameras.

To acquire much screen space as possible, the film normally runs through the projector sideways and the camera, with the sprocket holes at the bottom and top rather than sideways. Additionally, the audio track does not appear on the film print but is rather synced to the projector.

Another incredible thing that you probably didn’t know is that Imax theater that was first made has been around for about 32 years now. This is entirely true as the first Imax theater is still standing to date. It is a dome-shaped Cinesphere located in Toronto, Ontario, and was built in the year 1971. The primary role it was meant to play was to showcase both experimental and commercial films similar to those that had been showcased at Montreal’s Expo ’67.


5.Something else you probably didn’t know is that IMAX is widely popular in China.

To ascertain this, you should know that more than 100 IMAX theaters are found in China. The reason behind this fame is that Imax is regarded as one of the top luxury brands in China. The incredible thing is that most Chinese audiences have been raised watching Imax movies like the Holywood films, while viewers in North America have had to transition with the brand bit by bit.


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