What is 4D cinema

What is 4D cinema

  • November 19, 2019

4D is a promotional and marketing term used for an entertainment presentation system that combines a 3D film with other physical effects that happen in the theatre in synchronisation with the film. The upgrades of results that are normally simulated in a 4D film include the wind, rain, and variation of temperatures, vibration, strobe lights and many more. The seats designed for 4D venues can vibrate and even move several centimetres during a session of the presentation.

There are common chair effects that include water sprays, air jets, leg and back ticklers and many more. There are also auditorium effects that may include lightning, smoke, smell, rain, and even bubbles.


Due to the physical effects involved in 4D cinema presentation, it becomes very expensive to install, and therefore most presentations are normally done in custom-built theatres. This said. However, some movie theatres can showcase 4D versions of wide-release 3D films. Technology has advanced in a big way, and now there are custom-built theatres that are also mobile and can be mounted inside vehicles, for instance, buses, enclosed trailers and trucks.


The 4D cinemas are usually distinct from 4-dimensional space. There are notable historic formats aimed at providing different aspects and views of the 4D. Watching a 4D cinema is incredibly beautiful, especially in a costumed theatre which is well equipped with Chairs that can keep you focused on the cinema by enabling you to feel every action. You can never feel bored watching a 4D cinema because all of your attention is glued to the action you are watching.


One thing a 4D cinema does is that it forces an active viewer experience. Since it is filled with real action that ensures it delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience, many people appreciate it. Inside an Auditorium that is designed for 4D cinema, you will find incredible motion chairs that will help you experience the wonders of 4D technology. You will be able to experience environmental effects such as wind and heat, and all this is synchronized perfectly to ensure it feels real to you. The motion chairs you will find in a 4D cinema theatre are designed with the expertise to allow base movement that ensures an up and down movement is realized as well as being able to roll from right to left as well as be able to pitch forward and backwards. This combination of movements enables one to feel the experience.


For one to understand a 4D cinema, one may have to re-learn how to watch it. Most people normally lean back in their seats and sitting in that posture can make you feel uncomfortable. This is because the chair will make several movements during the cinema session and this can disorient you a little bit. The best way to sit when watching a 4D cinema in the accustomed theatre chair is to sit up straight in a way that you are almost leaning forward. This will ensure that any movement the chair makes leaves you comfortable as well.


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